North Cornwall’s Little Seaweed Research Station

~ a little place to explore the wonders of seaweeds ~

NCS is not just an online shop (because you will be intrigued and want to try them) ~ but a place to explore seaweeds from all points- of -view ~ physical health, wellbeing , art, medicine, technology, textiles, science, astronomy, maths, physics, chemistry and any other subject that your imagination can come up with ( which is how new discoveries are made of course ! )

If you haven’t yet discovered how interesting seaweeds are, take a look around this website and decide for yourselves. Book up for a seaweed forage and taster session, or seaweed-related art and craft workshop. If you are not lucky enough to live near the Sea, here is an opportunity to experience the sea’s changeable moods as well as to learn something about the fascinating plants that live in the Sea…something that is so naturally a part of us that we are drawn back to it again and again.

There are at least 180 different species of seaweeds growing along the rugged North Cornwall coastline, and almost all of them are not only edible, but are considered to be superfoods, full of every vitamin and mineral that the body will ever need. Not only this, they are able because of their high iodine content, to not only regulate the thyroid gland that controls our metabolism, but more importantly, are able to protect the body from the damage caused by exposure to radiation, emitted by such unavoidable things as x-rays, technical devices, microwaves, mercury fillings-and leaks from nuclear power stations.